A notice to our patrons

In order to safely serve our guests, provide safe working conditions to our team and ensure that we are able to meet our financial obligations under the current state of things, we will be temporarily closing the doors to minimize our health risks and financial burdens.

In the meantime, our team will still be working on popups and tasting events and working out the details to provide your favorite Society Lounge libations in a to-go format. Please reach out to info@societycleveland.com for more information about our to-go or if you are interested in a reservation or large event. We are looking into ways to accommodate.

We look forward to welcoming you in the future and thank you for your support.


Descending down the stairs to the Society Lounge opens a passage way back in time to an era where socializing transpires face to face, men shine their shoes, hats are never worn inside and a door is always opened for a lady. We return to the essence of this reminiscent era through the cherished art of handcrafted cocktails.

Our passion is for concocting the highest quality cocktails and creating an atmosphere where our guests can partake in old fashion interactions. The Society Lounge will ravish your senses with the finest spirits, fresh squeezed juices and unique sophisticated syrups made from scratch. So come visit us with expectations for an exclusive experience and constant surprises that will always rely on our attention to detail (and your satisfaction).