Just days after we recover from our Thanksgiving food coma, it’s time for the festival of lights. The Jewish holiday Hanukkah is coming the first week in December. For anyone who really needs a drink to get through the festivities, we have you covered with some perfectly themed cocktails!

Golden Gelt

Society Lounge, a speakeasy in Cleveland, has created a special cocktail for Hanukkah. The recipe was created by lead bartender, Misty Golinar, and includes Chopin vodka, Pistachio infused heavy cream, Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao, burnt brown butter date simple syrup, Bitter Housewife cardamom bitters, and an egg white. The cocktail is finished off by using a torch to create a brûlée at top! “There’s the long-standing Hanukkah tradition of giving kids money — those chocolate-covered coins, known as Gelt. When those kids are all grown up, they can now enjoy perhaps a new tradition… one that tastes a lot better than those candy coins many of us remember,” says Golinar.

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