Sure, you can pop open that Champagne and pour it plain, but why not dress it up for the night?

While we’ll take our Champagne straight anytime, we won’t say no to a glass of bubbly doubled up with extra booze, plus some deliciously refreshing mixers. From a super-luxe spin on a French 75 to an extra-potent vodka and sparkling-wine drink, here are seven must-try Champagne cocktails we’re loving at bars lately, including a recipe for a Dallas bar’s fabulous Pink Diamonds drink.

Death in New York

Where: Society Lounge, Cleveland

What: Bourbon, lemon juice, turbinado syrup, pomegranate grenadine, absinthe, Champagne.

How: What’s up with this drink’s name? Society Lounge owner-operator Joseph Fredrickson says “Originally, I used Cleveland Whiskey, and called it ‘Death to New York’. But by the time it hit the menu, I changed it.” Photo by Brittany Dobish.

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